Busy Signals on Conference Rooms

I’m using 2.2.0 freePBX as a conferencing system. I have a few users who have had a call hang in their conference room and now the room is just getting a busy signal when we try to use it. How do I flush those rooms out when this happens?

in asterisk there is a command soft hangup that will allow you to force a call to hangup. you’ll need to know the zap/xx, sip/xx, iax/xxx number to make it hang up. You can get a list of what asterisk thinks are active calls by typing soft hangup and hten pressing the tab key. It will list all active calls going on. You just have to guess the right one…

Thanks. I have to do this on the server huh. I inherited this and know zip about it.


Connect to the box, if at the linux prompt type asterisk -r
If you are already on the asterisk cli (it will look like *cli>) then just type soft hangup

Ok, that went away but I’m having similar issues and I really just want an easy way to sort of reboot these conference rooms.

I dont see a way to associate the soft hangup, with the conference I see in the meetme command.

You never really provided much information on your setup. Something is wrong with your setup as it should detect a channel being hung up and drop it.

If you happen to be using POTS lines and don’t have the card configured properly for your regions signaling then things like this happen.

Please provide a lot more details and maybe we can help.

Also at the same time FreePBX is not actively supported any more so upgrading would be recommended. We do help when we can but realize that many bugs and issue have been discovered between when that was written and now so it is possible that the issue was already addressed in later versions.