Busy on held

Howdie all,
In avaya IP office there’s a feature where the extension will be busy when having a caller on hold
I wonder if this is doable?
Any suggestions?
thank you

As long as the extension has call waiting activated, they will continue to receive calls regardless of whether the extension is in use or if they have a call on hold. If you disable call waiting, then the extension will return busy when they have a call on hold.

thank you but the idea is to get more calls and only toi be busy when the agent has a call on hold.

It sounds like what @lgaetz is recommending would fit what you are asking for. If call waiting is turned off on the agent extension, then the agent phone will not ring and instead follow whatever you have setup as the coverage path.

It sounds like @nLeo would like to have call waiting enabled for all situation except for when they put somebody on hold. I am not aware of that feature existing in FreePBX.

I think they are trying to use explicitly holding a call as an indication that the agent doesn’t want to be further disturbed, because the current call requires all their concentration. However calls will get held, automatically, for other reasons, e.g as part of transfers, or because they have accepted a second call.

If they were using a queue, this would be a pause, not a hold.

In asterisk the device state is the same for when a call is in progress and when a call is on hold. I know of no way to differentiate between those two cases in order to branch a call.

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