Busy call

We have FreePBX (Asterisk 11.7.0) working with our mobile phones (CSipSimple) and it work OK.
Follow me works OK with one exception.
I have following:

  1. no answer -> follow me
  2. busy -> terminate call
  3. not reachable -> follow me

Both 1&2 are OK but 2 doesn’t terminate the call … it insists to go to follow me … hmmm
When the incoming call comes to the pbx - I have tested with both rejecting the call and with the mobile busy with another call … but still it goes to follow me …
Don’t understand how the pbx interpret when the sip phone is busy ?

can you be more explicit with the call flow. is your inbound route going to the sip extension for your phone? if yes then the question probably has to do with how you csipsimple is configured. but until we can see how you are routing calls it is impossible to make any suggestions

Sorry that I was unclear …
In my case it looks like this:

The inbound route -> IVR -> sip extension -> follow me

if you have follow me enabled, the system will always do the follow me regardless of the status of your sip extension.

Thanks - disabling follow me solved the problem
Learning more and more about this great software …