Burning ISO to CD Size?

Feeling a bit dumb here…but how can I burn this big disk image to a CD? I am trying to install this one: (Complete CD, with Linux and FreePBX)? The problem is that it’s way bigger than a CD will hold.

You downloaded from http://schmoozecom.com/distro-download.php ?

Yes…it’s 905megs, megabytes, that is (20 character minimum)

Does anyone know if we can just buy a disk?

I think most folks simply don’t use cd’s any more… There is a USB image which may be a good route. I have poked our guys about file size

USB Image is looking for a CD Rom driver…that route didn’t work. Sorry to be so clueless about this.

I honestly didn’t think it was still possible to buy blank CDs, but it makes sense - people still want to burn audio CDs to listen to in their cars.

You use something like win32 disk imager to write the USB image to a thumb drive - here.

Burn the ISO to a DVD it wont fit on a CD.

Thank you Tony, yes although it says CD Image, it is really a DVD image. That worked.