Bulketensions & bulkdids error

Please help me solve csv file upload error on differents svn revisions of FreePBX-2.8 for both bulkextensions & bulkdids. output error is “Row 1: Unrecognized action: the only actions recognized are add, edit, del. Row 2: Unrecognized action: the only actions recognized are add, edit, del.”. I tried changing csv file to different formats i.e Unix, Dos/Windows & Mac without success.

Go to Bulk Extensions, find the link that says Template CSV file, right-click on that link, SAVE the file (DON’T open it in Excel).

Now,open that file in a text editor, what you now see is the supported format of the csv-file.
This is a part of the file:

edit,999999,John Doe,999999,,,0,enabled,0,,,sip,,,1234........

Note that the first line must be there, the second line is your data.

Thanks for reply, I have tried that and just have tried it now again still no success the error persists. Is there any software to install on my server to procces csv file? something like csv2xml etc.etc.

No, all parsing is done in the module.

What happens if you export your extensions, then upload the same file?

When exporting extensions I received updated file with latest data in it i.e. manually added extensions with correct configurations but when uploading the same file same error occurs.

OK, I just tested it on my 2.8 system with Bulk Extension, it worked as it should. Please verify that you have the latest Bulk Exetensions installed.