Bulk Upload & Change System Recordings


I have found some good British English system recordings. Uploading them in the web interface will take until the end of time.

They are available in the following formats

  • WAV
  • G711a
  • G723
  • G729
  • sln
  • G711u

Does anyone know a way i can mass upload these and replace the defaults with these custom recordings please?


Anyone please?

Copy them from your computer to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds

Use SCP protocol. (Program such as WinSCP)

Are these the Westany recordings pack? If so each should be in a tar file of it’s own. They normally suggest copying to an “en” subdirectory and then changing the language setting to “en”.

Hi Thanks for the help. The sounds are good but there are a few missing. Can anyone suggest who can provide a full setup of British English recordings please?