Bulk update of User Manager & Fax Details

Freepbx 12

It seems Bulk User manager is not available in Freepbx 12. My requirement is to update the email ids of all the users in User management.

Will updating the mysql database table “freepbx_users” directly help me with this or do I still need to go and click on Submit on each user in “User manager” for this even after this modification in mysql?

Similarly, “Bulk extensions” module does not have the FAX parameters “Coversheet email”, “Outgoing header”. “Fax email” can be modified by using Bulk extensions. However, my requirement is to bulk modify the FAX coversheet email and FAX outgoing header also along with the FAX email for all extensions.It seems the mysql table for that is fax_users.

Again, mysql tables are for freepbx. How do i make this change reflect in the Asterisk database.