Bulk SIP Extension password change

Is there a way to easily change/set the password of all the extensions in a system at once? We imported several hundred extensions through a CVS file but didn’t realize that the password wasn’t auto generated while doing this just like it would when creating a new extension manually and now are facing the daunting task of having to set a password manually for each extension.

Is there an easy way to have the system auto set those using the same facility that is being used when manually creating the extension?

Bulk export the extensions and change the SIP secret for each in the csv file to REGEN then reimport. Try with one first and test well.

So just typing the REGEN word into that field will generate the password on import?

Do we need to delete the extensions already present or will it just modify the existing extension if it’s already present?


No. You are given the option to modify on import. Again, test by importing a single extension it’s easier done than said.

Thanks Lorne.

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Seems to have worked fantastic. Couldn’t have been easier.

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