Bulk Import of contacts

For a long time (> 2 years) I used the Bulk Handler to import a list of contacts every week.

These are clients from a different software and we need them in the UCP for SMS. (Otherwise, we would only have the numbers and not the names).

I have the csv file formatted the same way ever since and not changed anything.

Recently this stopped working. The importing still looks fine, but no contacts show up anymore after the import. I get no errors.

In the past the past the users contact group (private) was not visible in the contact manager, only in the UCP. Now it is, but nothing shows up.

Jerry Riggin added a comment to the Bulk Handler documentation:
“The import file must also contain an “action” column – the only actions recognized are add, edit, del.”

I did not have this before but playing around with it did not change anything.

My grouptype was external, that worked fine, now I have tested private - no success.

Something must have changed and I have no idea.


Traditionally, the Action column was first, but since this is a headed CSV, you (theoretically) should be able to put it anywhere.

There was someone last week that reported a similar problem with contacts getting imported and not showing up. Could you scan back through for that and see if you’re seeing the same thing. If so, an Issues ticket might be in order since this sounds buggy to me.

Thank you so much Dave. I did not find it when I was searching before, but now I found it!


Bulk handler doesn’t use any action column. Can you please point to the documentation that says this because I will remove it.

He just added a comment. But I see that you found it :wink:

I had not been using the action column and it worked before, that is why I mentioned it.

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