Bulk Handler

I’m running the latest version of FPBX and am having an issue with the Bulk Handler - Extensions tab.

After selecting the file to import, I’m presented with the list of extensions and the Replace/Update toggle. I’ve indicated YES, but have no way of telling it to proceed (Next, Proceed, go or similar button).

I’m using Chrome.

Any ideas? I’ve opened a ticket yesterday (I think) but thought I may get quicker results here… Can’t hurt to try.


I have “Import” | “Cancel” buttons on the lower right hand side of my display.

I click import… and the web gui shows a status bar and the “Import” button becomes a “Re-Import” button.

I have Google Chrome: Version 51.0.2704.19 dev (64-bit) and: FreePBX: 13.0.106


Took another whack at it. No Buttons, but when I checked on the DIDs I did get the buttons.

A light went on and I exported what I had just to see if I could reimport, to validate the file. On Import the buttons appeared, so it looks like the issue is with the file. Some more smarts on the import may be required, or at least error checking.

Found the trouble. The import file had some diacritical letters in the CSV. I guess it only like the ASCII codepage.

I removed a é and all is well.