Bulk Handler users not enabling fax

We have a few hundred users to import into a new FreePBX 13 installation. We have used the bulk handler to successfully import extensions, DIDs, and users. However, even though the users have fax_enabled set to yes and the users show yes in the User Management, the users don’t show up under Fax Recipient unless we manually re-submit the user details (without changing anything) from the GUI. Once we do that the user shows up correctly. Needless to say that this would be annoying to do for each user. According to our Module Admin all modules are up to date. How can we get fax enabled for all of our users?

After some investigation I found that the Bulk Handler was creating users in the userman_users table and setting the fax options in the userman_users_settings but not creating corresponding entries in the fax_users table. Hopefully this will be resolved in future updates of the bulk handler module.

Did you open a bug report at issues.freepbx.org