Bulk Handler - User Manager Users/ Groups

Please could someone help me or advise what else I can check?

As you can see below, User Manager Users and User Manager Groups are no longer available to import or export.

I tried logging a topic to see if others had the same issue but seemed it was just me.

Other installs with exactly the same versions have the User Manager Users and User Manager Groups for import/ export in Bulk Handler, but I don’t and I need to import a large number of users.

Things I have tried:

  • Rolling back to earlier versions of both modules
  • Completely remove and reinstall both user management and bulk handler

I am totally stumped as to why the import export for User Managers is missing. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I have even tried upgrafing to version 15 with no avail!!

I don’t know who at Sangoma is working on Bulk Handler, but @jfinstrom used to be the guy that worked on it a lot, so he might be able to offer some insight into what the data structures that holds those data look like.

I’m going to guess that they are in the asterisk database on the MySQL side, so you may be able to extract them using MySQL commands, edit them, and then update the database with the new information.

Failing that, you could put in a Feature Request Ticket to have the function put back into the program.

I can’t reproduce this, and the only thing I can think that might cause this is you don’t have any userman Directories defined that will allow import. What do you see in User Management, Directories tab.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have the following directories:

  • PBX Internal Directory
  • Property Management
  • Company User LDAP (used for autocreation of extensions when populating the IP Phone attribute)
  • Company Admin LDAP (used for system administration but based on our OU structure in the company, I need 2 directories :frowning:)

The annoying and strange thing is that it used to be there! I imported ~300 users in to the system before I migrated all users to AD users (we use the fax pro module and voicemail module so people need to use UCP to login), however I now need to create more local users.

Thanks for your help!

Can you even use Bulk Handler to import and export users if you have LDAP running? That would seem like a conflict to me…

Yes, it works flawlessly and runs well alongside each other. If it’s a user, they get a login linked with AD, however if it’s a shared phone (engineer phone for example) then they get a local user that isn’t linked to AD (needed since they won’t be logging into AD so their password will expire and stop them from logging into UCP) … I have another environment running with both local and ldap directories and the userman users and groups import/ export shows.

Cool. Seems a little counter-intuitive to me, but I’m willing to learn. Having said that, then, I suspect that Lorne is right and there are directories missing that are required for execution of that part of the BH module.

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