Bulk Handler Require Voicemail Password From Same Extension

Hi this if the first time I’m using the bulk handler module and wanted to know if there is a setting, when adding extensions, to mark no to the “Require From Same Extension” setting? Searched and I can’t find it anywhere.

Create an extension manually the way that you want it. Export from the bulk extensions module, edit the file, import again.

I tried that and when I imported it, it removed the setting.

If you are using the latest version of the module then you cannot do anything. Propably the module doesn’t have the proper code to parse the option so it removes it. You can try and edit the source code of the module or else import the extensions and then manually change the option.

Nope - you can submit a bug report. Go to “Issues” at the top of the screen and report it.

Thanks Dave, I’ll do that now.