Bulk handler findmefollow_postdest

I’m trying to figure out the structure for bulk handler. I’ve exported and it looks like field findmefollow_postdest has commas in it so the cells are off.

I’m running freepbx 13.0.56 with latest updates.

The main thing I’m trying to fix is the followme destinations are invalid. When I import they are all “bad destinations”

Does anyone have a good working .csv they could post that wont break followme on the extensions?

You don’t have a proper CSV reader. If any cell has commas in it it will be wrapped in “”. Thus “value,value,value”. When I export this is how I see it in my files.

This means when you import you need to follow the same recommendations.

tm1000 thanks for the reply!

I’m using LibreOffice Calc/math to import.

I’m still getting bad destinations on import (I guess I have the data in there wrong). I want to default it to the follow me “normal extension behavior”. Which I thought was “ext-local,3001,dest”.

I’ll keep playing with it, but anyone has an example they’d like to share :slight_smile:

Why dont you just take one extension. Set the find me follow me. Then export then see what it says. Take that and apply it to all of them

I did that, but when I re-import it it shows bad destination “ext-local,3001,dest” in red. That is the main reason I’m trying to get someone to give me one that works for them.

I think its a error in Bulk Handler import module.
I get same error. I have bad destination “ext-local,700,dest”, fore example.
It seems like mysql parser took it from csv with quotes, and put it to DB.
I fixed it with sql query:
update asterisk.findmefollow SET postdest = substring(postdest,2,18);
In your sql case the query is:
update asterisk.findmefollow SET postdest = substring(postdest,2,19);
This query removes quotation marks at the beginning and end of the line.