Bulk handler extension creation and connected line issue

I am seeing an issue with connected line not functioning when using the bulk handler to create extensions.

When manually creating an extension, IP phones update their display to show the called party extension.
However when the extension is created using the bulk hander, the IP phone no longer updates to show the called party.

I can see both a working and non working phone are showing CONNECTEDLINE(name,i)=Dial Voicemail for example when I use voicemail to test this, however only the manually created extension shows this.

I am also using EPM to manage phone configurations but ruled out any phone config issue as I compared a working and non working phone and also manually created a phone config but still see the same issue.

If this is a bulk-handler issue, would you mind posting the line from the CSV file (preferably with the header) so that we can look at it and see what option is getting set.

This is controlled by the parameters, “Send RPID” and “Trust RPID” on the Advanced tab of the extension. Can you see differences between these values on extensions created with Bulk Handler, and those created manually?