Bulk Handler - Can't import extensions - Issue with VM Settings

Every time I attempt to import extensions I receive the following error:

This occurs even if I make an extension, export the extensions, delete the extension and then reimport it.

I should note it does create the first extension on the csv file even though the error appears right away.

FreePBX V14, I tried on multiple systems and rolling back Bulk Handler module didn’t seem to work.
Asterisk 13.8.4

It appears to be an issue with the VM settings. If you turn VM off on each extension in the Bulk Handler then it will important.

I vaguely remember something about the CSV exporting the VM settings in a single entry, but that the import required them to be split back out. That might have been a dream, though.

I checked the csv file and the VM settings appear to be in different columns. I did open a bug tracker which is currently in the triage phase


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