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Bulk Handler - Can't import extensions - Issue with VM Settings

(Mvogel4949) #1

Every time I attempt to import extensions I receive the following error:

This occurs even if I make an extension, export the extensions, delete the extension and then reimport it.

I should note it does create the first extension on the csv file even though the error appears right away.

FreePBX V14, I tried on multiple systems and rolling back Bulk Handler module didn’t seem to work.
Asterisk 13.8.4

(Mvogel4949) #2

It appears to be an issue with the VM settings. If you turn VM off on each extension in the Bulk Handler then it will important.

(Dave Burgess) #3

I vaguely remember something about the CSV exporting the VM settings in a single entry, but that the import required them to be split back out. That might have been a dream, though.

(Mvogel4949) #4

I checked the csv file and the VM settings appear to be in different columns. I did open a bug tracker which is currently in the triage phase

(system) closed #5

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