Bulk Handler and DAHDI error

Trying to do a “mass input” of all of the options for the DAHDI phones I’m installing using the Bulk Handler.

Whenever I try to import the CSV file, I get the message “Device Extension was blank or there were no settings defined”. I get the same error if I try to use the “Quick Create Extension” with a DAHDI phone as well.

If I go through the GUI and set up the individual lines, the extension gets created without a problem.

Not sure where to look next…

Did not test bulk handler, but can confirm that the quick create doesn’t work for DAHDI extensions. I also note that there was no field to enter the DAHDI channel, which may be a clue.

File a bug at http://issues.freepbx.org it will probably go @jfinstrom.

Thanks for the confirmation. The channel number is on the “Other” page, and in the “regular” extension process works awesome. Filling in the next available channel from the “Quick Connect” option would be fine (as far as I’m concerned).

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