Bulk Extensions Error

Back on this again and decided to start over (lost the passwords on the old install). Downloaded the latest Stable (3.211.63-10 Release Date-06-02-13)

and trying to add my extensions via the bulk extension process. downloaded the template CSV and updated that file with the information for my 40 extensions. When I load it it get

Row 1: Headers parsed.
Row 2: Unrecognized action: the only actions recognized are add, edit, del.
and a few more about other rows (all under 10) when I have 41 rows in the file.

Tried creating an extension and then exporting the extension to a file and updated that with the information for the new extensions, and get the same thing. Row 2 is always bad.

a short snippet from the csv file
action,extension,name, …
add,103,Paul, …

The first thing in each line after the header is add

I can’t see what it doesn’t like.

Same here. Did you find a resolution?

I eventually got it to stop giving me errors,by going column by column and making sure I had all the colums correct and all the fields filled in that had something in it when I exported a file. However even when I was getting no errors, I still never got it to add any extensions. I finally gave up and did them manually, it was only about 40.