Bulk DIDs

Is there a way to set the Pause After Answer settings on an Inbound route in a bulk fashion? I have 200 DID’s that I used the 3rd party Bulk DID module. The module worked great, however it doesn’t allow me to set the Pause After Answer parameter.

I need to update all 200 of these and don’t want to do it all manually.

Any ideas would be great.



Its seems to have worked great. You have saved me a half days worth of work with this update.



Thats great! Thanks for doing that? Where can I download this? I’ve looked at


But only see the 2.5 version dated August of 2009.


As of FreePBX 2.9, BulkDIDs and Bulkextensions are now official modules found in the module repository.
You can download the module here http://www.freepbx.org/trac/browser/modules/release/2.9/bulkdids-

I did manage to get some time to do it. However, I released it only for FreePBX 2.9.
You can download and install it manually on FreePBX 2.8, it will work on that version to.

I will look into it, but it will take a couple of days as my works schedule is pretty loaded right now.