Bulk csv follow-me

I hope everyone and those around you are doing ok.

I’ve had limited success uploading a CSV file to add/edit extensions, not sure if it is because of macOS and excel or what…

I’m trying to update 75 extensions to turn on follow-me, add the cellphone, and expect a CSV with these columns: data would be sufficient?

action: edit
extension: 123
ddial: -blank-
strategy: ringallv2-prim
grplist: 123-6305551212#
pre_ring: 0
grptime: 25
needsconf: CHECKED

Well a couple hours into this I think I figured it out… if you skip columns then it simply deletes the data that was there… and boy that is unexpected and problematic… Luckily I had the original export to re-import…

in the end I used the exported csv and modified what I needed and that seemed to work

I also used google sheets -> download as .csv given some peculiar issues that may or may not be a result of Excel on macOS.

I’ll also note I’m on a pretty old version so perhaps this process has improved with time?


I’d be more inclined to blame Google Sheets.

Open Office is your friend and exists for both Window$ and MacOS… Just a fan.

In my case Google Sheets worked.

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