Bulk changes to EPM basefile settings

I have over 100 endpoint templates. I need to change a common setting in the basefile settings for all of them. Anybody have any ideas? I’d sure hate to have to actually change them all manually.

Likely ‘sed’ the gnu “stream editor” called with -i (inline) would be an appropriate tool in linux.

Just curious. Are basefile setting only stored in the config file in the /tftpboot/ directory? If that’s the only place I need to change it that’s easy.

No, EPM creates those when you tell it to write configs.

EPM basefile information is in the database.

45,000 rows of it.

Why even bother to reply when you have no clue? All you did was confuse the issue.

then your solution is. . . ?

mysql has similar function to sed,

UPDATE table XXX where . . .

or you can manually edit all of them in the gooey one by one , which he was bitching about quite reasonably.

if the gooey fails to impress, dont use it for that, sed will be fine and trump the gooey.You just need to understand the underpinnings. if thats not good enough, raise a request and wait.

I don’t have an answer that would be any easier than touching them one by one in the GUI, but I wonder why you have so many templates. If you create a new template for each phone, you’re defeating the purpose somewhat of using EPM for provisioning.

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Lorne, I knew this question was going to come up. I almost addressed it in my original post. It has to do with button mapping on the phones we use. I have to have a unique template for many of my 450 extensions because their button mappings are unique. Also, I don’t provision all of these and the person who does is not as savvy at using the templates.

I will do some selects on the table and see if I can figure out an easy way to update just the attributes I need. Thanks for all the replies.

Button mappings don’t require unique templates. You can give users control over their own button assignments in UCP, or you can manage them as an admin in extension mapping once you enable “Admin UCP for All” in Global Settings.

Was that available in version 12?

I don’t remember. Certainly the UCP integration was not done then, UCP was new in ver. 13. It may have been possible for an Admin to make button changes tho. Perhaps someone with a better memory (or 12 system) can confirm.

I only ask because this particular pbx was built on Digium’s ver 12(FreePBX) distro and I don’t remember that being available. Of course I was also very new to FreePBX.

I learn something new every day.


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