Built-in voice mail in freepbx causes random reboot of phones

We set up the buil-in voicemail in FreepBX, now whenever the user gets a voicemail MWI blinks after that phone will keep unregistered and registering.

Could someone help me on this, I am in hurry to resolve this issue.

Maybe it is related to a previous issue where unsolicited mwi sends so many sip packets to the phone that it gets overloaded. How is the setting in your installation?

Don’t over-look the obvious - how are you powering the phone? If the power dips when the MWI lights, your phone will reboot.

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SIP Voicemail Subscribe message getting bad event 409 as the response

These are wireless phones, phones are powered through adapter.

That seems to be the error that you are receiving. I mean what is the value of the setting of MWI subscription. Also, what Asterisk version are you running? Any chance it is one of the buggy ones that have been retired?

MWI Subscription is : 3600


Asterisk 11.25.3

It seems you are on a very old version of both Asterisk and FreePBX, maybe it is time to upgrade. Check the value of MWI subscription type.

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