Building modules


I require the and modules but I can see that I have only the res_jabber.conf and gtalk.conf files on my server.

Can anyone please help me and tell me that how .so files are obtained from .conf files?

They are not.

.so files are the compiled modules that are generated when you build Asterisk from source.

So does it mean that I have to reinstall the free pbx server again with those modules?

I don’t know what a “FreePBX Server” is. FreePBX is not a server and does not include Asterisk.

I don’t know what you are referring to. Are you talking about our new FreePBX “Distro” ?

I have an asterisk server running on FreePBX. I want to make calls from google voice and hence it requires the two modues mentioned above.

Ok and I am telling you that Asterisk is not part of FreePBX, we don’t write or support those modules.

Like any other Asterisk module they are built when you run the “make all” command after downloading Asterisk and configuring the build environment.

The binaries have to be built for the environment they are going to run in since many libraries are linked.