Build Your Own Business Communications Hosting Solution Using PBXact SaaS

Good talk, Thanks for taking the time to tell me I’m going the right direction.

Anyone need help to set this up, I can help if you want to use KVM and Proxmox.
About a year ago when I moved from a shared hosting solution located in the midwest and my hosted PBX’s keep having issues. I thought because I purchased from this vendor I wouldn’t have issues. I was wrong.

So I got into a new hosting facility with 3 dedicated servers running Proxmox VM. Proxmox VM allow you do manager the VM or virtual machines. (when I started this I thought VM stood for voicemail. Shows my age).
I tried for many months to make the HA or High Availablity to work that way I think it should, then I decided that HA should be installed only as directed in the manual, using dedicated machines and not VM’s. You can make it work, but it’s not worth the benefit.

Now I have VM’s, one per customer that is backed up to a central location. This backup can be restored, turned on by any server in the cluster with just 2 clicks. Same IP address and all the FreePBX licenses will continue to work. Starting up with a backup takes less than 30 seconds after you press the button. A bash script could run the code, but you don’t want to flip-flop and systems.

So this was working well, but now I have the customers that have dynamic IP addresses and I need to open the firewall. This is where SBC comes in to protect my FreePBX server and to hide my partners IP addresses.
This way I send my customers with on-premise equipment to this IP address that I own and control.
I’m in the process of using SBC to process all my traffic and to firewall off my FPBX’s.