Buggy Trunk problem! Calls dropping after 30s and NO it is not the firewall

OK this is a weird bug. I have 1 Outgoing Route and normally 1 Trunk. But for some reason the Route & Trunk will NOT work (busy signal) unless I add a second PJSIP Trunk.

I want to repeat this because it is absolutely important you read this: For my phone system to work, I need to create a PJSIP Trunk, even though this Trunk is not used by any Routes. It just sits there, all by itself, doing nothing. Nothing uses it, it is not listed in any Outgoing Route. It is just there. The Outgoing Route uses a SIP Trunk with the correct settings.

If I get rid of ether of the 2 Trunks the phone system will not work. It will only work when both Trunks exist, even though one of the Trunks is not used/listed.

But when I make a call, it uses the buggy Trunk, and after 30 seconds hangs up the call. Here is the log file (important parts)


Please help! Our businesses phone system is down and we cannot take any calls from customers!

Where does the trunk go? Does it connect to a SIP trunk provider? Have you talked to the provider to have them troubleshoot on their end? What have they said that they see coming from your PBX?

What version FreePBX?

For the 30s that the call is up, do you get 2way audio? 1way audio? No audio?

Post screenshots of your outbound routes and trunk configs (omit things like secrets)

The real Trunk goes to a SIP provider (Prodosec, Canada). The fake Trunk can have any info, even The fake Trunk just needs to exist for calls to work (inbound & outbound) but I can set all sorts of silly settings in it and it still “works”. There is just 1 Outbound Route, and it uses just the Real Trunk.

I am running late for an eye-appointment currently. I will post screenshots of my setup when I get back (in a few hours).


I have uploaded 4 images showing the settings.

So far we have figured out OUTGOING calls do not drop and work PERFECTLY.

INCOMING calls drop after exactly 30 seconds with the above Pastebin log representing what is happening.

Prodosec does not use username/password/secrets with their service, they use IP whitelist.

UGH this is super embarrassing but the wrong Gateway was set, and thus wrong public IP, so our SIP/VOIP Provider was also set to the wrong public IP. I have NO idea how the phone system worked at all, even with old port forwarding sending the traffic to an IP that was powered off.

So it is all fixed now!

Glad you got it figured out! Sounds like talking to the SIP provider sooner next time would have been able to speed up the troubleshooting proccess.