Bug: Zulu Android - Voicemail & Calling Accounts

  • Zulu Server: © Sangoma
  • PBX: v14.0.13.28 © Sangoma
  • Zulu UC Android Version 1.1.1 (beta group)
  • Android Phones: OnePlus 6T and Pixel 4 XL

Description of Problem
I’ve noticed this issue when I was on my OnePlus 6T since a year ago and have noticed the problem persist onto my Pixel 4 XL for the last 6 months, which tells me this is an issue with Zulu UC app as it’s evident it is not affecting just one type of phone.

When Zulu is enabled as an additional calling account, the visual voicemail under the Android’s default phone app disappears. Once the visual voicemail is deactivated and then re-enabled, the visual voicemail option will reconnect to the provider and retrieve voicemail and presents the visual voicemail option again under the default android phone app. The issue is, it’s only temporary, and then visual voicemail disappears again.

If Zulu UC is disabled as an additional calling account, it does not affect the visual voicemail problem; however, you can’t use Zulu UC as a calling account at that point and chat will function, but you get an annoying prompt to enable Zulu UC as a calling account each time you get into the app.

I’ve noticed that I have other apps that do make calls as well, such as Telegram, Skype, Google Voice but these aren’t listed under Calling Accounts while Zulu UC is. Is Zulu UC different than other types of app that function in a similar fashion?


I’m not saying don’t post your bug report here, because there are people here that might be interested, but if you’re hoping for some kind of resolution or fix action, you’re going to need to make sure you submit a ticket through the Support link at the top of the page.

Zulu is a commercial product, so we (as a users forum) don’t have any more insight into the inner workings of Zulu than you do.

Good to know, i’ll forward it to the bug report in support. I didn’t realize there was one. I’ve been posting it to here in the past and received responses from some staff and assumed this was also the area to post what was going on with the product.

Not really looking for an immediate fix - just didn’t know if support knew about the issue and I didn’t think there was an area for bug tracking - till now.


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