[bug?, workaround] MIXMON_POST - [GUI] variables/parameters not passing

I’m a ‘prosumer’ home user with an updated v15.0.16.72 system for my single-trunk, 6-xtn setup, living a set-and-forget life (except for yesterday when I forced all module and system updates, before confirming my observed problem.)

On May 21 at ~18h00 EDT [-0400] something oddish happened - my MIXMON_POST script stopped being given its usual helping of parameters. (I use this post-call script to upload the newly-created call recording to a storage server.)

In fact it worked properly at 18:01 of that day, and 6 minutes later it was then getting no parameters… and this no parameters problem has persisted through multiple reboots and until yesterday when I got down to finally fixing it.

I normally would set my desired script and its parameters via the GUI - Settings/AdvancedSetttings and then actual setting: PostCallRecordingScript [MIXMON_POST variable], and thusly:

/usr/local/bin/upload_newrec ‘^{ARG2}’ ‘^{ARG3}’ ‘^{FROMEXTEN}’ ‘^{TIMESTR}’ ‘^{UNIQUEID}’ ‘^{CALLERID(name)}’ ‘^{CALLFILENAME}’ ‘^{MIXMON_FORMAT}’

but no matter what fiddling I did with carets, dollarsigns, single-or-doublequotes I could not get parameters passed to the script (the script would fire but always with no parameters).

So my apparently-observed bug is that updating this GUI field to send variables parameters does not seem to send along the variables parameters.

I eventually cottoned on to the fact that I could just attack the cfgfiles directly (but doubtless at my own risk… next time I hit Submit on the GUI likely), and so I was able to restore my original and desired behaviour via ensuring that each of two files has this in its config for the MIXMON_POST variable:

MIXMON_POST = {{see above, right after ‘thusly’}}

and those two files being:

- /etc/amportal.conf
- /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf

Curiously, even when those two files have the desired setting, what is displayed in the GUI as being the MIXMON_POST setting is unrelated (seems to be a one-way write, from GUI to cfgfiles?)

So before I go and log an ‘issue’ over this apparent problem I thought that I’d see if it was unique to me or if anyone had any other insight on what I might feed the GUI to get my desired results?

Cheers & thx!

Just thought that I’d try a bump to see if I could elicit any thoughts?


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