Bug when adding/removing a new phone in Endpoint device manager

Hello I am using FreePBX v13.0.190.7 with Asterisk v13.11.2 and now I get an error every time the FreePBX adds a new phone or remove ones either by manually entering it in the End Point Device Manger or just when creating an extension and adding the telephone information into the extension itself so you don’t need to add it through the End point device manager.

Here is a picture of the error:

This what happens when I try adding a phone, I see it is saying it is looking for a file.

I am using VVX 500 phone template from the package: SoundPoint/Station/VVX In-Production Models

The telephone is added even if there is an error message. It is more annoying than not working, I just wonder why it is doing this and how can I remedy the situation?

Thank you,

Looks to me like time for a bug report.

What version of EPM? I am unable to reproduce. You might try upgrading to edge (ver. at present) with:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint

I am currently using OSS PBX End Point Manager v13.0.6.7. If I upgrade to edge, do I need to disable OSS pbx end point manager?

You did not state that you were using the OSS EPM, and I assumed you were using the commercial version. Please ignore my advice.

OSS EPM is not supported by FreePBX Dev team.

Ok cool, so what is supported by the FreePBX dev, what can I buy?


Try this …

i can offer

  1. backup the files in tftpboot that the oss endpoint manager uses
  2. delete the files in tftpboot
  3. uninstall oss epm
  4. remove oss epm
  5. purchase the paid epm
    6 install the paid epm
  6. set up the global template
  7. add the polycom brand
  8. add the extension(s) to the emp - you can do this in the extension setting (Other tab) or directly in the EMP

if you are going to use the EPM to load firmware you will need to boot using either ftp, http or https. you will not have much luck usig tftp to load firmware. alternatively you can load the configs via tftp and update the firmware in the phone itself. when you log into the phone, click on utilities and software update. this will show you the list of available firmware from the polycom site and you can do the update from the phone.

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