BUG: Superfecta scheme is being reset?

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Bug confirmed:

I have no idea where the problem is at the moment. The (admittedly poor) work around appears to be to have inbound routes with either a DID defined or a CID defined.

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Wow!! So pleased it’s not just me going mad. Thanks for preserving with me and not just giving me the brush off! What a good guy you are.

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One thing I would add…this is a recently introduced bug. Having both a CID and DID and successfully using different Superfecta schemes was working up until March sometime.

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Not as altruistic as outward appearances make it seem. There are very few people who know the nuts and bolts of Superfecta, it falls to me at present to chase these things down.

Faulty Generalization Fallacy - your degree of derangement can’t be concluded from the facts presented.

This is really useful to know, thanks for that.

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Hi Lorne, I think I’ve spotted another effect of the recently introduced bug. If you don’t specify both an inbound route and a DID, your inbound route doesn’t work.

I just tried setting JUST the CID and left DID to ANY and my setting was ignored.

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