Bug queues


We have a bug in asterisk 1.4, on all our server (with interface freepbx 2.5) :
after a power failer, we have seen that people who call on this queue have a message “you are the 2nd personn on the queue”, but on phones, there is no calls on phone.

The problem disappeared after a “asterisk -rx reload”

Is there a patch that repairs that ?


Ok, thank you.
Can you explain me the explication at the line :
Add them right after autoload=yes ???

What line to write ?

Edit your /etc/asterisk/modules.conf, find the line that says autoload=yes add two new lines:
preload => pbx_config.so
preload => chan_local.so

Save the file.
It should look like:

preload => pbx_config.so
preload => chan_local.so