Bug or Design? Files erased automatically

Using PIAF Incredible PBX 13-12.2
I’m not sure if ths a FreePBX or PIAF issue

I have some scripts that play messages located in voicemail/default/(some extension number)/greet/.
If I populate these greet folders with voice files to play (wav) and then make a change using the GUI and then when I apply of configuration (red button), all my wav files are erased, but the folder is not. Actually, if the files are located in any folder below the voicemail folder does the same thing.

In the meanwhile, I’ve moved my wav files to sounds fold where there is no issues.

But for the life of me I do not understand why files would be erased without warning.


Does this bug accurately describe what you are seeing? What version of Freepbx?

Yep, that’s it - file names were 1_2345.wav for example
Version is 12

So is this fixable or should I keep my file out of voicemail folder?

No fix for 12, you must:

  1. avoid underscores in filenames
  2. don’t save in vm folder or subfolder
  3. upgrade to 13

So, I guess I need to wait for PIAF to make a update available?