Bug: option "Extension Recording Override"

$Id: page.general.php 7342 2009-01-06 21:58:59Z p_lindheimer $
line 139:

    <select name="RECORDING_STATE" tabindex="<?php echo ++$tabindex;?>">
        <option value="DISABLED"  <?php  echo ($RECORDING_STATE == 'DISABLED' ? 'SELECTED' : '')?>><?php echo _("Enabled")?&g
        <option value="ENABLED"   <?php  echo ($RECORDING_STATE == 'ENABLED'  ? 'SELECTED' : '')?>><?php echo _("Disabled")?&

To disable recording, user should select "enable"
To enable recording, user should select "disabled"
Is it really designed so ?

Yes, it is as intended. Please read the tooltip.

Please see ticket #3426

check which version you are running. There was a bug at one point and it was fixed. Whether the latest release is still confusing or not, it does do what it says now.

After four years, do you not think maybe “thing have changed”. Maybe you should post a new one . . .

Just a comment. . . .

General Settings > Extension Recording Override has no effect for me. I have the latest version 2.10. I enabled recording on an extension, and it recorded; then I enabled this override, called the extension, and it still recorded. Previously, enabling this setting would change macro-record-enable to simply exit. I think that macro-record-enable has been replaced with sub-recording-check; this setting has no affect on sub-recording-check. The only thing this setting does is change the state of the RECORDING_STATE global, which is never used.