Bug in Users&Devices mode

There is a bug in the users & devices mode.

Version: 3.211.63-10 (and others before)
Asterisk: 10.12.2
Mode: Users & Devices
Queues: static agents and “join empty” and “leave empty” both set to strict mode

When sytem is started, no user (agent) is logged in. In the queue all agents are shown as “Invalid”.

When a call gets in (and still no agent logged in) this correctly falls through the queue.

When an agent logs into the system as a user (*11) his state in the queue changes to “Not in use”. So far everything is working as expected. He then can take calls.

The bug manifests when the agent logs out (*12). Then his state in the queue changes to “In use”. New incoming calls will then still enter the queue and remain until timeout happens.

Is an workaround known or am I doing something wrong?

Nobody using Devices&Users mode with queues?

“Skip busy agents” and “member status events” ?

“Skip busy agents”: “Yes+(ringinuse=no)”
“Member status events”: “Yes”

I might be wrong, but looks like a bug to me… Is anybody using my this configuration (static agents with user login/logout) without problems?

Currently, I have switched to using a workaround: Now using dynamic agents and autologin all agents into all dynamically assigned queues upon user login. When user logs off, agents are also automatically logged off from all queues. (modified user_login_out.agi for this)

Very few people use device and user in adhoc mode and lots of known issues.