Bug in freepbx 2.2beta2

under inbound routes, selecting a cid lookup source never works. everytime you select the source and hit submit, it goes back to the default of nothing no matter how many times you select it and or click the red apply button.

Wrong thread

I had CID lookup working in 3.1.2. However while the CID and phonebook modules were active, configuration updates and FreePBX upgrades would not work. Disabling the CID and phonebook modules temporarily allowed both config changes and upgrades to proceed correctly.

However, having upgraded to 2.2, I’m finding the same observations as others, i.e. CID lookup sources won’t save when an inbound route is updated to use one. I presumed that this could have been due to using earlier versions of the CID and phonebook modules and removed all the phonebook data and lookup sources definitions and started again. Though this has not worked either.


This appears to apply to beta 3 as well.


This is now working here with 2.2.0rc1


The CID module has never worked for me or anyone I know.

It is the first thing I remove off every system I log into which has problems.
And most of time it is the problem (CID causes the the RBOD Red Bar Of Death for many folks)

I would say it has issues, but it just something I noticed about that module, do not take it as fact.