Bug in 13.0.65: transports

Pretty much lost 8 hours to this one.

chan_pjsip transports set to UPD and TCP via the gui.
pjsip show transports shows
Transport: tcp 0 0
Transport: udp 0 0

Update a few modules last night (core among them, cant remember) and now:
Transport: udp 0 0

Both TCP and UDP are still enabled in the settings, but only UDP is listening. The pjsip_transports.file looks right, it lists the two protocols.

Add a third protocol, enable TLS,
core restart now
asterisk -r
pjsip show transports

The result should be THREE transports, but instead, there are two, TCP and UDP.

Looks like the last selected transport is being ignored.

This bug came to be in the last 24 hours.

OR, my entire system is freakishly weird, and it’s all in my head.
Please could someone test and confirm?
Asterisk 13.7.1
FreePBX 13.0.65
All modules up to date as of 2016-02-17 14:00 GMT