[BUG] framework

(Anton Satskiy) #1

Hi there i gave found a BUG in Framework
after fwconsole ma upgradeall
‘framework’ was updated to from
(from blue collor intrface it is green now)
and stops receiving other updates

Screenshot_2021-02-10_13-12-25 Screenshot_2021-02-10_13-14-04

(TheJames) #2

I believe this is being discussed in


That said bug. Are not tracked here. While developers do come here all there work is based on tickets

File reports at https://issues.freepbx.org

(Matthew Fredrickson) #3

There was some diagnostic code added to mirror1 this last weekend that may have caused this issue.

@satskiy - can you retry this again in an hour or two?

(Anton Satskiy) #4

Hm it is working today