Bug closed as solved on issues.freepbx.org but issue still unfixed

Hey guys: do you know how to get the attention of the developers regarding an issue that has been closed but is in fact still happening?


This issue has been closed as fixed, but the offending code is still not corrected on the module that has been published on the edge track. I added a comment on the issue, but it seems that it has caught anyone’s attention.

Since this bug is related to the calendar module, it would be very useful if it could be re-checked, but I don’t know how to get it re-opened.

Does anyone know how could that be done? Regards!

You could open a new ticket, Reference that ticket and provide

Steps you took
What happened
What you expected to happen.

When doing bug fixes an attempt is typically made to reproduce a specific issue. If that issue is reproducible they make they make the changes and see if the issue is resolved. If there is issues in a different scenario it may not be caught.

Basically tell them how to make your issue happen. If they can reproduce it with the given steps, then you should be good to go.

I will tag @mattf and see if he thinks it should re-open but I would personally just open a new ticket with the information above.

Thanks for your input. In this particular case, the issue is exactly the same, in fact the edge module that was published has the same wrong code as before, as if the code fix was not part of the latest pull.

Maybe @kgupta1 can take a look at the original issue, in order to avoid duplicating it.

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