Bug # 2145 - uninstall

The comments for bug # 2145 state that an uninstall option was added - I don’t see that uninstall option.

it removed the uninstall option - you can’t uninstall this module once installed. There are a number of modules that are really required in the system or general functionality just won’t work. For example, voicemail. These are installed in such a way that you can not uninstall them from within the gui once installed. (There is a way from the command line to do so in order to deal with maintenance/corrupted systems).

Hmmm… ok. Sorry I must have misunderstood: ‘make uninstallable’ as in the comment:

1.3.5: #2145 add waitexten while waiting for user input, and make uninstallable

That was the reason I re-opened the bug because it suggested that you had made the module uninstallable but I could not see that functionality - could we at least agree the comment is misleading then I’ll be happy.

I hate arguing over such semantics when there are much more important things but I also dislike confusion.



sure - it probably is confusing and you are very welcome to provide such feedback and comments. My comment on the bug was simply to discuss things on the forum, not in the bug report. If you then think that there is a bug you are always very welcome to file a bug report - we never discourage such. And it is more than acceptable to file a bug against confusing ‘documentation’ of any sort (bad tootips, inappropriate changelog comments, etc)

Thanks Philippe,

I do understand - I just genuinely thought I should comment on the bug as the fix was related to the ticket and the fix didn’t seem to work as documented in the ticket. Anyway, I’ll shut up for now :wink: