BT-100 connection woes

I have a pair of BT-100 phones that I got for a song… Or… actually was asked not to sing anyways… ahem.

My problem with them is that they periodically drop their connection to the PBX, or, if I restart the PBX, the phones don’t realize this and don’t attempt to reconnect. So if I reboot the PBX, have a power fluctuation in which the switch resets, or whatever, and if there is a phone call, the pair of phones may not ring. FORTUNATELY I have a PAP box which DOES recognize the disconnect and does attempt reconnects, so I’m not entirely SOL.

I’m open to suggestions on:

  • Have the BT-100s reconnect periodically
  • Have an alarm on my computer screen indicating the extension(s) aren’t connected (PING doesn’t do anything since they have an IP address)
  • Get the PBX system to poke the phone and enforce a reconnect
  • Other ideas welcome!