Broken OSS EPM

As many on here will know, the OSS EPM package has been a bit of a problem child over the last year or so with plenty of bugs that have appeared in it. There have been a number of other threads that have discussed this issue and it seems there has been one person working on this - and while they’ve made some big improvements they’ve also left plenty of bugs.

One of these bugs has been in all of the 13.0.7.x releases that stops templates from being saved. If you manually create a new template clicking on “save” or “save and reboot phone” does nothing. Debugging the page shows a “there is no action for button named save”. This error occurs under FreePBX 13 and 14.

I know this isn’t a supported module and I personally recommend the Sangoma EPM is a better solution for most people who are coming onboard to FreePBX as it just works.

I’m sure I’m not the only person however who has been using FreePBX and the OSS EPM for so long that my investment in building heavily customised template files that include all the features I need (and don’t need) means that it is the perfect solution to do exactly what I want for deployments.

For some time now to avoid the issues with not being able to save templates I’ve used version for all deployments. I’ve now come across the stumbling block that doesn’t work at all well under FreePBX 14 with the template pages not displaying correctly making it unusable.

As I use NUC’s for many deployments moving to FreePBX 14 is now essential going forward due to CentOS 6.6 not supporting new Intel processors.

I’m not a coder so don’t have the skills to debug this issue and fix it. Is there anybody on here though that does have the skills that would be willing to look at this? I can live with some of the other issues not not being able to edit templates makes it totally unusable. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only person that would be grateful if the OSS EPM package was semi usable again. :slight_smile: