Broken Modules

Hi all

I know i have asked about this before but I tried a new build and update and again got broken modules.

The modules are as follows

sysstatus 1.0 Broken
phpmyadmin Broken
ciscoconfig 1.0 Broken
sysinfo 1.0 Broken
configedit 1.0 Broken
IVR setup 2.0 Broken
Queues setup 1.0 Broken
Ring Groups setup 1.0 Broken
Time Conditions setup 1.0 Broken
Conferences setup 1.0 Broken
DISA setup 1.0 Broken
Paging and Intercom setup 1.0 Broken
Asterisk Logfiles tool 1.0 Broken
Online Support tool 1.0 Broken
Asterisk CLI tool 0.001 Broken
Asterisk Info tool 1.0 Broken
Backup & Restore tool 1.0 Broken
Java SSH tool 1.0 Broken

All other modules were upgraded and installed as need be,

The upgrade was from [email protected] to the lastest release.

Is there any easy way to fix these modules.

Or is there a installation cd Like [email protected] but for the lastest freepbx release.



“Or is there a installation cd Like [email protected] but for the lastest freepbx release.”

Try Elastix or Trixbox (the free edition). Both include FreePBX. If I were building a new system right this second I’d probably try Elastix, but maybe the next-to-most-recent version (0.8.4) because some folks have said that the 0.8.5 release has some issues. I’m just not especially happy with the direction that Trixbox is going in, but there are many folks that use that. I’m sure either would meet your needs, but I suspect that Elastix would give you less frustration in the long run. I’m sure others will chime in with their comments on these two variations.

There have been rumors of an upcoming FreePBX supported all-in-one release, but AFAIK it hasn’t seen the light of day yet.

Thanks Wiseoldowl

I downloaded elastic, Looks good, However issues with install-ZAPHFC it would not work,

I loved Freepbx as [email protected], the only reason I updated was for caller id to name display.

I had the latest freepbx working on a box having been updated over the last year, but the drive drashed, when i set up again could never get past the broken modules, really weird
Which is a pity as it worked really well for me.

I put on trixbox, but there was noise on the ISDN channels, although I will say to be fair it went on really easy.

I think for the moment i will go back to [email protected] and leave well enough alone, I can live without the name for a while.

I am suprised that others have not come across this problem. Or that there is not a easy fix.