Broken Choppy Ringtone - VAD issue?

Incoming callers to my lesnet DID hear a broken chopped off sounding ringtone, or just silence - often callers will hang up thinking they have been disconnected. This only happens if I route calls through IVR or ringroup - if I just directly route to an extension then ringtone is normal.

This only happens with DID - did’s from other providers going to exact same internal route work fine. Call quality ( if the caller doesn’t hang up first!!) is excellent.

It was suggested that this could be caused by VAD on a Cisco gateway at end - can anyone confirm this type of issue? It certainly sounds like really abrupt silence detection type thing.

Or can anyone suggest any workarounds to this problem?? I need to ring to 2 internal extensions then my cell

Create a Queue that replaces your current extension number or have a specific DID for your inbound route, Tell them to hold on while the system tries to find you. Log into the queue with your followme extension number. If after 3 minutes of holding they can’t reach you, then drop them to voicemail.

This should be simple. This is how I do it to ensure they hear music instead of constant ring tones.

But then callers will just hear broken/choppy MOH instead of broken/choppy ringtone.
The only way that a caller hears continuous audio (either ringtone or MOH) is if I route the call directly to an extension - once a call hits a queue,IVR, ringroup etc then caller hears the broken up tone/music until the call is answered, then the audio is fine.
Only happens with DID, my DIDs from other providers are fine, so there can’t be too much wrong at my end - just something with the signalling from lesnet>mybox
Any ideas anyone???