Broken Audio on Window Platform only

I have an audio problem with one Pc on my LAN. I have dedicated SIP phones (Grandstream GXP2000) and Softphone client (Jitsi and SPARK) running on Linux and all work well however when I try and use Jitsi or Spark on the only Windows 7 PC I have on my network the received audio is broken up, sounds like it’s being interrupted rapidly) so I’m putting this down to some kind of windows audio issue. I noticed a similar issue when using Port Audio in Jitsi on my Linux machine but managed to sure it by selecting Pulse Audio instead, so this experience has led me to believe it’s a Windows audio problem of some kind.

Anyone come across this before, if so do you know how I can fix it?

It’s Ok I’ve managed to fix this now. For some reason the Windows version of Jitsi (SIP Communicator)had defaulted to “Pulse Audio” also. Selection “Window” in the Audio settings fixed everything.