Broken after upgrade

I just let my FreePBX upgrade to and things have gone badly wrong:

  1. I used to have inbound routes with the destination set to specific voicemail boxes, but now the “Voicemail” option seems to have vanished from the destinations list.
  2. Simlarly, I had Follow Me groups that had “Destination if no answer” pointing at a voicemail box, but again the “Voicemail” option seems to have disappeared.
  3. My front page says “There are 41 bad destinations” - it lists pretty much all of my extensions, some of them multiple times, as well as the inbound routes that should terminate at a voicemail box. I don’t know where to look in the config to fix this.
  4. When I hit “apply config”, no errors are displayed and it appears to have worked. Except none of the config files have actually been written.

Any help would be appreciated - it appears this upgrade has well and truely broken my PBX. :frowning:

Go in to module admin, look for any “disabled, pending” modules. correct those then check online and apply any additional needed updates.

My installation is also broken after upgrade. Everything during the update was shown as ok and done without any errors.

Loginscreen is shown, after entering credentials there is a blank white page only with server error 500.

To jfinstrom --> How to upgrade modules when I can’t access webgui?

How to solve that problems? Seems that many users have a blank gui after login after the update now.

Everything is showing as enabled and up to date except the ARI framework (which I don’t believe I need).

Not that it makes any difference but was released on July 7th. It was merely a javascript change that fixed how checkboxes work. Nothing more.

No. Different updates. You are confusing the two. The 2.11.038 update (if that’s what you are talking about) has been released since July 7th. The other update is from the Beta 12 RC release, which is an RC for a reason.

Now the question is are you talking about 2.11 or 12.