Broadvoice registration - calls work but trunks drop off then re-register every 30 sec

I have three Broadvoice trunks set up in FreePBX (v with Asterisk and they are able to register. I am able to make and receive calls on all trunks without issue as well.

However, each trunk drops its registration every 30 seconds. They then re-register immediately without a problem.

I haven’t bothered to try to fix it because calls have been working, but now Broadvoice has started to block my IP address for making too many registration attempts in a given time. I have to switch to a different BV proxy server in order to restore service.

Can anyone give me some hints as to why this problem would occur? I can’t be the only one to experience this, can I? I haven’t found anything in the various forums that addresses my trouble directly.

Thank you.


I tried and dumped Broadvoice many years ago and had nothing but trouble. Others have posted similar stories. Spare yourself the additional headaches and switch to another provider. Callcentric,, flowroute, vitelity,, and many others are very good choices.