Broadcast Xact Dialer Reports

Hi there,

I just purchased Xact Dialer for FreePBX and I just started testing it with a handful of phone numbers today. I took a screenshot of the broadcast report csv after anonymizing the phone numbers.

It shows that all numbers were dialed, but none were answered. I received word from the people I tested with and they all answered the call and listened to my recorded message.

My question is, why does it state the calls were not answered? And what does the delivered to field mean?

It gets that result from Asterisk and what Asterisk tells us. You would need to look in the asterisk logs as that comes from Asterisk.

Thanks Tony.

Do you know what the delivered_to column is for?

The next test I performed worked fine. All calls are listed as answered. The delivered_to column is populated with “machine” or “person”. This is good.

I would like to submit a feature request for the broadcast module. Where do I do that? is the feature tracker and bug tracker