Broadcast Resume Emails


I’ve started my Broadcast Campaign (Broadcast Module) and I’m getting slammed by emails saying,

“Resuming Campaign” and it seems to be in a loop. I’m getting almost one per second. I have set the app to only send reports after the campaign completes.

Is there a method for turning off this message, it’s filling the inbox…

Are you running the latest version. I know we had fixed this a while ago.

Module Admin says, Also noticed the campaign may suddenly stop. I just start it again and it continues without issues.

@xrobau any ideas on this one?

Turns out, I fixed it, and then UNFIXED it when I added those performance fixes the other day. I’m so clever.

Sorry. 2.11.4 has this fixed (plus some other minor things, including MORE performance improvements. That won’t spam you with a million emails).

Do you have a link to release notes?

Thanks for the quick fix. I’m part way through a campaign and look forward to seeing the improvements when it starts again late afternoon.

The release notes are pretty much just the changelog that you see in Module Admin:

2.11.5 Workaround call to undefined function broadcast_backgrounddetect()
2.11.4 Stop email spam of ‘campaign resumed’, plus more performance fixes. FREEPBX-7491 - Some fields weren’t being escaped properly
2.11.3 Performance improvements, Fix FREEPBX-7519 and FREEPBX-7521