Bridging two channels

I am new to freepbx and i am trying to setup a pbx with the latest freepbx distro(asterisk 11.x).
This is the scenario
An Ip Phone has 4 simultaneous incomming calls (ext 1000,ext 2000,ext 3000 and ext 4000) and i need to bridge two of them ,say ext 1000 with ext 3000.
i searched a lot but found no example,only the asterisk bridge command and dont know how to use it.
Any help would be great.
Thank you
PS I posted this on ‘Tips and Tricks’ but i got no answer,so i thought maybe i try it here.Sorry for double posting.

It appears that what you are trying to do is non-trivial and people probably need some more detail on the scenario to assist.

When you say “Ip Phone” do you mean the phone itself or the FreePBX? If FreePBX I assume you mean extension? If its an end point then you may need to contact the vendor or the hardware / softphone.


its an atcom 2 lines ip phone.line 1 is extension 2000 and line 2 is extension 3000.Now that what i need to do is bridging the two incoming calls ,similar like conference.I tried it with conference but when i drop my line they are disconnected too.I tried transfer the call but i can do that only if i dial out.I need to bridge two incoming calls.Any ideas ?

Easiest way would be to send them to a conference room on the FreePBX rather than using the IP Phone’s built-in conferencing (3-way calling?).

Check the gui for the extension numbers of your conference rooms. I suspect you can configure the conference rooms to not require attendees to record their name but you’ll need to check the docs.