Bridged PRI calls distorted/robotic

I setup a STABLE distro box with a Sangoma A101 card. This hardware was previously running TrixBox 2.6 without issue.
Incoming calls to the PRI sound great, outgoing calls through the PRI also sound great. But I have an IVR which takes emergency calls and routes them to a cell phone by way of a SetCallerID destination, which points to a MiscDestinations destination. I have tested with and without the SetCallerID in the loop, and it’s not affecting the call. When making this “bridged” call (in to the pri, then back out through the PRI), the sound is distorted/robotic, as if it’s a significantly lower sampling rate.

I’ve tried setting transfer=no in the chan_dahdi.conf file, to no effect, as every time this call-route is executed I get a message that DAHDI naitive bridging is being used. Not sure if that’s even my problem, but seemed like a good place to start.

Any ideas?