Bridge/join into call after established?

The scenerio is as follows. Extension 6709 (cisco 7960) places a call to an outside conf bridge number (outside of asterisk) say 800-555-1234. Call is up and running fine. Now after say 10 minutes, i want to either seize or bridge onto the established call with a portable phone (extension 301 in the same call group) tied to a linksys ATA, so i can run downstairs for a few minutes. I don’t want to park the initial call as i believe the parties on the other end will hear Music on hold etc.

if i dial 555 (channel spy) i can hear the call but not participate. Is there any way i can join a call already established with the portable extension?

I’m running asterisk 1.4.24 with freepbx 2.7.01 at my residence. I currently only have 3 extensions setup with 2 DID’s.


Thanks a lot

Call bridging is not a function with Asterisk. Despite cries for bridged line and bridged call appearances, this has not been built into the code.

Your only choice is to park the call or transfer the call to your cordless. You can always disable music on hold to the system or try setting “Music on Hold” on your outbound route to “None” to see if that works.

i can generate 2 outbound call by using following command


originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

after receiving call-1 next call generate to call-2.

but not able to talk to each other.

please help me how to birdge each other.

Ken - " Call bridging is not a function with Asterisk. " This is simply not accurate.

SLA is not supported by Asterisk. Channel bridging is.